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m&c! Publishing - PT. Gramedia Utama

m&c! Publishing is a publisher under Retail and Publishing Division of Kompas Gramedia Group, the biggest publishing company in Indonesia. Kompas Gramedia Group started the venture focusing in the printing media. In its development, the company has expanded into a business group with various divisions. In the information sector, the group has also spread out to the electronic media and multimedia.  

m&c! Publishing started as Komik Majalah back in the 1980-ies which published various comics from some foreign publishers. Some of the titles became so popular and quite a legend, such as the comic serial Nina from Holland and the kungfu comic Tiger Wong from Hong Kong. As manga market significantly increased in the late 1990-ies in Indonesia, m&c! Publishing started to publish manga as well and the brand of m&c! as a comic publisher has been established in our readers’ mind since.

Today, cooperating with various publishers all over the world,  m&c! Publishing has published a wide range of titles and types of books: comics, educational comics, children books, novels, nonfiction books. With a mission to build a smart and creative generation, we publish high quality books from top international publishers.

 As our commitment to build a creative generation, we also publish our own comics and novels created by our talented artists under an imprint KOLONI. To go global successfully, we aspire to publish a good and creative books which can be appreciated by our readers all over the world.

 We are expanding our bussiness to merchandise production, as many characters in merchandising are closely related with comic characters. In the year 2013 we have started the production of merchandise from one of our best-selling title.


Company Details

Company Name : m&c! Publishing - PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama


Kompas Gramedia Building

Unit I, 3rd Fl.

Palmerah Barat  29-37

Jakarta Pusat 10270

Phone number :  62-21-53650110, 62-21-53650111 ext. 3650-3656

Fax number: 62-21-53698045


For further information, please kindly contact: redaksi@mncgramedia.id or our crew in each imprint 

Marketing & Promotions:

Calista: Calista@gramedia.com

Niken: saraswati@gramedia.com


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